Gymnasts spend many hours in the gym and want to look and feel confident when they are performing, whether it is in training or competition, which is why we try our utmost to provide beautiful leotards so that gymnasts can perform with style and confidence.

At Darcy International we are constantly innovating, re-designing and searching for new fabrics and colours so that we stay one-step ahead of the game in terms of fashion in the world of gymnastics. We launch new designs throughout the year so that gymnasts have a wide choice of designs colours and fabrics to choose from, and we always do our utmost to ensure our leotards are made to the highest standards in terms of durability, fit and comfort.

Darcy International use only the highest quality 4-way stretch Lycra to ensure that leotards fit perfectly and stretch to suit the demands of the sport. Our garments are made to the highest standard with one person in mind ....the gymnast.

Darcy International x